We at Bach Construction are passionate about what we do. Our experience, quality, honesty and transparency set us apart from our competitors.


Bach Construction operates efficiently. We call it the “Communication Design”. Our organization’s structure was founded upon years of construction management education, practice and experience. Bach Construction utilizes systematic, team-based levels of construction management to clearly define non-overlapping internal roles. Our structure is our strategy. It allows our staff to effectively manage their individual tasks and consequently provides each team member with a transparent view of the entire corporation’s function. The “Communication Design” establishes internal efficiency, but more importantly, it allows our customers simple integration into the function of our team; insuring that the client’s vision becomes a collaborative reality.


Bach Construction is reliable. We call it the “Integrity Factor”. We believe that principles, not principals, guide our focus and determination. Bach defines integrity as a consistency of performance. It’s very simple: Our work IS our reputation. If we consistently achieve the goals set by our customers, our SERVICE becomes contagious. 

Bach Construction believes that service should be contagious; service to our clients, our community and ourselves. The “Integrity Factor” is designed to solidify TRUST in our relationships. Relationships based on loyalty not only with our customers, but within our team as well.


Bach Construction is experienced. We express this as “Core Competence”. Our management is directed by a unique consortium of well educated, industry experienced individuals. Our team members are well trained and never rushed into positions without proper prerequisites. Bach Construction believes that Competence is a passion: a passion for organization, productivity, leadership, and quality.

 The “Core Competence” component of our corporate philosophy is derived from our competitive nature. Bach defines competence as a desire for ultimate performance. We utilize proven and experienced team members to execute high quality construction management for our clients.


Bach Construction finishes. We are convicted by our “Discipline”; discipline to approach every facet of construction management and execution with consistency in effort. We are steadfast to the premise that a completed construction project is only as successful as the sum of its parts. Our approach is resolute and results in our customer’s certification of completion, backed by our Warranty of Performance. Our customer’s satisfaction is tangible: it’s the accomplishment of their completed vision. Our satisfaction is intangible: it’s our underlying commitment to daily dedicate the time, though and energy to the management of a collaborative construction vision.

We moved from Memphis, built a basement home in Acworth and did not know any construction people. Thank You HomeAdvisor for Bach construction. They were GREAT! They showed up when scheduled, clean, professional, polite and most of all, wanting to meet my high standards. I could not be happier with my finished basement. If you want quality work at a fair price, Call Bach Construction.

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